Pulsaderm Acne LED Blue - FDA cleared

Designer: Pulsaderm


Tired of that acne that keeps popping up out of nowhere? Upgrade your skincare routine with the LED Blue by Pulsaderm, an acne-clearing handheld device designed to penetrate through your skin to treat acne at its core.

The LED Blue wand is a non-invasive, low-level, non-thermal light therapy technology developed by NASA®. The whole process of the treatment is completely safe and painless. It targets the acne-causing bacteria that pump out porphyrin molecules. Exposing these porphyrins to the wavelengths of the LED Blue, produces free radicals that kill the bacteria, leading to clear and blemish-free skin. The device can cover a four-inch square area of the skin at a time.

You won't have to squeeze in another dermatologist appointment with the LED Blue wand, since this device is perfect for at-home treatments. It is also designed to be cordless and rechargeable for your convenience. Perform a full three-minute treatment over each affected area and repeat each treatment three times per day for maximum results. Using this wand is easy! Clean your face first before the start of every treatment. Cover your eyes with the included safety goggles or with moistened pads. Press the power button to turn on the device. Gently place the light panel directly over the desired area of skin and hold the light in place for three minutes. Continue this process until you have treated all target areas. Clean up is easy, as you only need to wipe the light panel with alcohol after each treatment.

The Pulsaderm LED Blue is an FDA-Cleared Class II medical device, designed and assembled in the USA. Get clearer and acne-free skin without having to leave home!

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