Portable Troble Skin Care Device, Bling Bling Mini For Pimple, Acne

Designer: Bling Bling Mini


* How to use
1. Touch the power switch for more than one second, while the blue LED is slowly blinking, ready for use starting
Wait for about 2.1 minutes, it is ready. Blue LED lights are stopped, the standby state.
At this time, the buzzer sounds every 3 seconds.
3. Touch the power switch, while the tips rapidly flashing LED lights in the treatment, the treatment mode is in progress. In operation, it sounds a buzzer every 10 seconds. (Note, pressing the start button more than 2 seconds, turn off the power.)
4. contacting the machine parts to acne. The contact time is 2.5 minutes. When the time is complete, the buzzer sounds. (Complete buzzer rings and it is one every three seconds, one minute even if you do not touch the start switch, the power is automatically shut off.)
* How to charge
1. When charging begins, the LED illuminates the tip of the treatments.
2. If the medium is completed, LED will goes off, it sounds every 15 seconds.
3. When the charging is completed, it is possible to use more than 20 times.
Size: 80.8 X 31.8 X 21 mm
Weight: 30 g
Hours Used: 1 times 2 minutes and 30 seconds (treatment interval: 4 hours)

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