La goodwind CM-7-2 Electric Mini Face Body Skin Health Beauty Care Massage Device Facial Cleanser Ultrasonic Home Face Lifting Firm (Gold)

Designer: La goodwind


Are you bothered by following skin concerns?
Big Pores
Black Head & Pimples
Oiled Skin
Dull Skin Tune
Droopy Skin
Acne Skin
Fine Lines


+Ionic conducting can extract dust and dirty things out of skin for deep cleansing. The acid reaction caused by positive electrode can also reduce the blood supply of skin thus relieve skin redness and irritations. It also can shrink the pores by strengthening the skin texture. This makes it greatly suitable for easily allergic skin and acne skin.

By pushing nutrition deep into skin through -ionic conducting, it can enhance results of your eye essence to the best. The galvanic stimulation can also accelerate metabolism and cell activities to improve skin elasticity. The alkali reaction caused by negative electrode can also stimulate the blood circulation and soften skin texture, thus enhance skin vitality and elasticity, and therefore greatly helps in aging skin and dryness.

Ultrasonic can replenish nutrition deep into skin, to enhance the results of your skincare agent. And it also can awake skin vitality and rebuild skin elasticity by promoting generation of collagen, stimulating blood circulation and cell activities, thus awake the youth of your skin from inside. Its tremendous skin reviving effects can be seen soon after use.

Red photon: wave length 625±3nm, stimulating generation of youth collagen and cell activity, regaining skin vitality and elasticity. Its mild wave length can also be applied on sensitive areas such as around eyes and forehead. Blue photon: wave length 465±3nm, preventing acne breakout by killing bacteria and anti-inflammation. By cleansing and balancing sebum system, it helps to lift and tighten skin as well as clear up acne and blemishes.

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