KIKURON Awa Star SP Body Towel, Regular Orange, 0.5 Pound

Designer: Kikuron


Kikuko's original, innovative 3-d wave woven nylon body washing towel. It creates rich lather and rinse and dry fast. Ultra fine 66 nylon fiber, which is the same material as sheer panty stockings, is used. Soft and gentle on skin, but moderate firm feeling while washing. Medium firm type. Orange. Materials: nylon heat resistant unto 90a"ƒ size: 28x100cm cautions: do not use any other purpose except washing body. Rubbing the same area of your skin with a strong intensity for a long time may cause your skin damage of pigmentation. Do not use if you have a sensitive skin, a skin allergy, or have any skin problems. Do not use for a young kid. If you experience irritation or soreness, stop using it immediately. Rinse off soap and dry well after every use. Do not use washer, dryer, or iron. Do not bleach. The towel may shrink a little bit as you use it. Do not store near fire or in high temperature.

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