Hiruscar Gel 100% Hypoallergenic Mucopolysaccharide for Skin Softener Acne Scar and Keloid Care Non-oily Skincare Gel Reduces the Appearance of Scars 0.24 Oz. (7 Gram)

Designer: Hiruscar


"Hiruscar is effective in all phases of the natural healing process. It can protect against the proliferation of scars and keloids by in habiting the proliferation of fibroblast cells. Hiruscar is effective on both existing scars and new scars. The synergistic action of Allium Cepa with higher concentration of quercetin and Mucopolysaccharide polysulphate (MPS) has been clinically proven effective for scar and keloid care. Hiruscar Gel for scar and keloid care is topical gel formulated to help scars appear softer, smoother and less visible. Hiruscar hydrates the scar tissue and promotes the normal skin healing process and ithibits fibroblast proliferation. Hiruscar is completely absorbed by the skin, does not leave behind a residue, has a pleasant smell and is greaseless. Hiruscar is convenient to use and affordable. Indications: Hiruscar Gel for scar and keloid care can be used on scars that result from surgery, accidents, burns or acne as well as redness and dark mark, both new and old scars.

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