Blue BlackHead Acne Spot Zit Whitehead Facial Comedone Extractor / Removal Tool

Designer: Iebeauty


Brand New The extractor is used to take the blackhead, acne and pimple out One end is a loop for pressing and extracting and the other sharp end is for piercing It is also less traumatic to the surrounding skin It must be sterilized before using Colour: Blue Material: Stainless Steel Weight: 70g each How To Use: A.Simply place the loop end over the top of the blackhead and gently press, it should just pop out easily B. Use the needle carefully to pick the surface of your skin if it is a little stubborn C. Clean your skin before extractions and afterwards to avoid infections D. Doing it after a shower is ideal E. Clean with cotton & alcohol Package include: 1pc of Facial Comedone Removal Tool

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